How to Upgrade Flash/Firmware for Comtech Modems

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To perform a successful flash update, please follow the instructions:
Download the latest version from the comtech website :

You need a cable to connect the PC to the modem. The cable is the same as is used for
normal EIA-232 remote control, and comprises 3-wires between 9 pin ‘D’ type female connectors.

 Serial Cable Detail for Modems:

  DB9  Female at both ends of the cable

  Pin 2  ——-  Pin 2
  Pin 3  ——-  Pin 3
  Pin 5  ——-  Pin 5

1.First,Using the front panel,Check the firmware information on your Modem. The firmware information is usually found in the Main menu. Identify the reflashable product, firmware number, and version to download.

2. The files are available in two formats: *.exe (self extracting) and *.zip (compressed).  For additional help with “zipped” file types, refer to “pkzip” or “winzip”.

3.Download the correct firmware and Extract the same on your PC.

4. Extract the files on your PC.

A minimum of 3 files are extracted:

*.exe – the “uploader” executable program to apply the flash firmware data file

*.hlp – the “help” file used by the “uploader” program

*.ccc, *.cef or *.h86 – the flash firmware data file specific to the product you selected

5. Connect the PC to the device to be reflashed.

Connect the PC to the device to be reflashed using a 9-pin serial cable or USB cable. Consult the product manual to determine which connection type is appropriate.

6. To reflash the device:

From the PC, run the exe program that was extracted in step 4.

Follow the on-screen directions to apply the correct data file (*.ccc) and perform the actual reflash process.

For more information about flash updates, refer to the applicable product manual or Visit Comtech WEbsite for more details!

For Comtech CDM 600 series Modem, Refer the following details!

Product                    Loader to use    File ext

CDM-600 Modem         Flash600            CCC

Step by step Procedure !

1. Click the Loader file (the exe file Flash600.exe).
   Select your Com Port
   The baud rate is dictated by the type of Upload being done.

2. Click the Software Upload Button ,you will get a Window like the one below!

3.Click the Choose Button,you will get a window as below.

 4.Now, Choose the latest firmware file . The extention of the file is *.ccc for CDM 600 Modems. Choose the correct file and click ok.

5. Now before proceeding further, make sure your Modem is off and no cable is connected to the 25-Pin Data connector(P3B).   Turn off your modem if its on. than click start Upload.


6.Now,Switch on the Modem.


7.Now,The modem will start upgrading the Firmware.

8.When its done,It will rebbot and query the modem for memory checksums.

Once its finished, Your modem is with the latest firmware. Now,cycle power the modem and check the main menu for the Firmware version.

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